About Us

RH Resolute Distillery Inc. is headquartered in Paducah, Kentucky. A newcomer to the bourbon industry, we are revitalizing the long and rich history of bourbon production in western Kentucky. The bulk production facility is located in the city of Hickman in Fulton County and is not only the largest producer of bourbon whiskey to ever locate in the western part of Kentucky, but also one of the largest facilities in the entire state.  The RH Resolute Downtown Distillery will be located near the river in Paducah and has a target opening date of Fall 2019. Western Kentucky is a beautiful place for distilling:  the land has a gentler roll to it, the corn and wheat surrounds us, the heavy limestone water is some of the best for making true hand-crafted sour mash Bourbon Whiskey. RH Resolute will make heritage bourbon through historical methods resulting in a full flavor like no other in the market today. Stay tuned as the story continues.

RH Resolute Distillery media contact: Sarah Jones, Brand Director, sarah.jones@rhresolute.com.

Corporate Office: |333 Broadway Street| |Suite 924| |Paducah, KY  42001| |270-908-2166|

Hickman Plant: |3855 State Route 125| |Hickman, KY 42050| |270-241-4093|